Incredibles 2 (2018) Review

I finally got to see Incredibles 2. Most of you are least familiar with the film so I wont waste your time with too much synopsis. This movie takes place immediately after the events of the first one. After the big confrontation with the Underminer, they are dropped from the government program that helps keep their secret identities a secret. Some dude wants to make supers legal again so Mrs. Incredible gets asked to be the face that will make supers legal again.

I got to tell you guys right now, if you are going into this movie believing the hype, you will be disappointed. I was. I think most of my disappointment comes from being blinded b y nostalgia. I recently revisited the first movie in preparation for the sequel and found that it wasn’t exactly what I remembered. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoying it but it wasn’t as good as the first couple times I watched it when I was younger.

This one was no different. I even fell asleep for parts of it. It wasn’t as terrible as some sequels are, but it was definitely over hyped. Now what it did well, it did really well. Some of my favorite parts of this film had to do with the family. Well Mr. Incredible trying to raise the family while Mrs. Incredible went off to do work. You can see how hard he struggles and feel the frustration as he finds that the domestic life is much harder than crime fighting. You can see that he misses the glory days and longs desperately to go back but he also wants to do good for his family. I loved these scenes. They were humbling, they were cute, they were real.

The super hero parts I found lacking however. It was interesting to see what they did with Eslasta Girl and how she used her abilities but it wasn’t interesting enough. Her plot was kind of boring. I knew who the villain was as soon as it was introduced and even though they try to misdirect you, the big reveal isn’t surprising. There is action, the animation is great, the music is incredible but the super hero parts just didn’t do it for me. To be completely honest, I forgot a lot of the plot because it was kind of generic. I can’t tell you the names outside of the main family nor can I tell you a detailed synopsis without sounding generic. They repeat a lot of the jokes from the first movie and they aren’t as funny the second time around. I expected a little more after 10 years.

That being said, if you have kids, GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. They’ll love it and you can do a lot worse. It is a well-produced movie for what it is, it’s worth watching on the big screen. I repeat though, do not believe the hype as you will get disappointed. I’ll give it a 6 out 10 because I really don’t see me watching this movie again.

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  1. I absolutely believe this movie was targeted at the kids. Which, who cares about the kids I bet 80%of the audience for this movie was composed of mid 20s early 30s losers who don’t have shit else to do but day dream about false nostalgia. I think the old folks call these people millenials and blame them for taking away their right to say “the N word” without any serious backlash. I too wish they wouldn’t have focused so much on the wife since she didn’t do a lot to represent and boost the supers image. She was a lame, always worried, mom in a superhero get up. I think there’s some huge cheesy undertone here, maybe for those millenials, teaching them that family is better than fame and glory. Which, no it isn’t. As we clearly see from Mr.Incredibles struggles that there were multiple times throughout the story when he wished he would have just kept them all in his sack. Finally, although the plot was embarrassingly obvious, as was the villain, for adults, I’m sure the kids were fooled and perhaps even had an, OMG, moment when it came to the villain reveal.

    B review


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