I have never been a huge fan of musicals. This form of storytelling never resonated with me. I will watch them if I have to, but I never actively search for them. Cyrano is the first movie in recent memory that has challenged this view. This movie has dug a special place in my heart; I can’t recommend it enough. The cast is amazing, the music is great, and the choreography is pretty cool. I am saying this with little knowledge of the source material or even much experience in musicals so take my recommendation as you will.

The filmmakers use the setting and the music in a way to properly tell a tragic story that will keep the audience engaged till the very end. The charisma Peter Dinklage brings to the table is intoxicating. The charisma between the characters is palpable. If you are not in tears in love with these characters by the end of this movie, we didn’t watch the same thing.

I suggest you watch this in theaters. The music in this movie is amazing, but you need a proper sound system to experience it as is intended. It is in theaters in February. Go check it out!