TV Series Reviews – Vice Principals (2016)

Vice Principals is a dark comedy that should at the very least be on your radar. There is betrayal, deception, vandalism, and even attempted murder, all in a tightly knit and well-written two seasons. This show does a great job mixing its tones. One moment you will laugh at some witty exchange or insult; the next moment you will drown in sympathy because the bit of back story that is revealed is a bit too real. This show does a great job of creating sympathy for its assholes.

The story is nothing to scoff at. Every twist and turn is carefully formulated to build towards a satisfying ending. Sure the mystery might be easy to solve, but this show is about different narratives fitting together to create a whole story. Each character has a unique story, and even the smallest part contributes to the overarching narrative. The plot may be a bit on the absurd side, but that is what makes this show entertaining.

The best part of this show is the relationship between Danny McBride and Walton Goggins. The whole cast works well together, but their relationship specifically is what truly shines. Watching what their relationship turns into is where the magic is. This is not your typical buddy comedy, but it is a buddy comedy worth watching.

I will warn you that this show is not for everyone. The pacing is a bit slow as it builds to what it wants to be. Be patient. All the bits and pieces will eventually come together. This show is crude, gross, and a little offensive, but that is the point. If you like dark comedies, you should at the very least try the first couple of episodes. You can watch it with your HBO subscription.

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