Cashback is an odd artsy movie that is a bit pretentious. The film works as an exploration of loss, specifically the loss of a relationship. Sean has just gotten out of a relationship and is dealing poorly with his heartbreak. He doesn’t sleep; Sean spends the whole movie trying to hide from life and his pain.

The way that Sean deals with his heartache is by freezing time. Freezing time is a metaphor for his escapism. Sean doesn’t want to deal with the pain of his break-up, so he escapes into a world frozen in time. 

A world where he can appreciate its beauty without getting hurt. These moments usually turn into pretentious monologues about seeing the beauty in everything. Sean uses this time to express how this ability is unique to him because he is an artist and only artists can truly appreciate beauty. This message wouldn’t be problematic if it wasn’t constantly being repeated. But this movie does a great job at showing escapism. Sean isn’t the only one who chooses to escape the pain of life. You will be introduced to a collection of broken individuals who themselves need to escape. Each character has their unique method of escape, but you only get to see Sean’s dramatized. It is an interesting narrative that does address a lot of how people cope with the difficulty of life. I just wish it didn’t get so preachy. 

This movie isn’t for everyone. Unless you like artsy and weird movies, you probably won’t like it. A bit of warning, there is a lot of nudity. The movie tries to justify it as artistic expression, but it gets a bit creepy. There are some awkward monologues about the beauty of the woman form that get a bit uncomfortable to sit through. 

That said, I did enjoy this movie. Cashback is a solid movie with good actors, memorable characters, and a decent story. However, it suffers from its presentation. I appreciate its unique narrative style, and it did leave an impression, but it is hard to get past the pretentiousness. I get it, beauty is in every moment, and only an artist can understand this. I guess I am not an artist. You can watch it on Amazon if you have a Prime subscription.