Streaming Series Review: Outlaws (2021)

Outlaws is a show on Amazon about a group of strangers that meet doing community service. Whether by circumstance or action, crime has brought these strangers together. The show weaves several different narratives as you explore each character’s past and growth. Most of the narratives fit together nicely, but some leaps are made to make the whole narrative work. There are some magical moments that you need to suspend your disbelief to believe. This narrative hinges on its serendipity where fate is the reason why everything works out.

As far as stories go, this one is fine. It is a little cheesy, as in friendship is a powerful force that one should cherish. The acting is fine, the characters are unique, and the story is entertaining enough; albeit the ending is a bit fantastical. If you like cheesy rom-coms where everything works out in the end, it is essentially the same sentiment but where strangers become friends.

I only fear that they will make a second season of this show. This first season wraps up well enough. There are a few story threads that they don’t revisit, but I don’t think they need to. I don’t have faith that they can address some of the emotional beats seeing how they solved gang violence.

Overall, if you are looking for a cheesy show that requires little effort, look no further. You can watch it now if you have an Amazon Prime membership.  

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