YouTube Movie Review: Infini (2015)

Infini is a low-budget sci-fi horror that is essentially a live-action dead space. The movie is about a mining operation that is in the outer reaches of space. Some mysterious illness is causing people to go insane. A team is sent to investigate, but they return afflicted, rabid with insanity. No one knows what is going on except for the one lone officer Carmichael who is left behind. A special team has been sent to investigate what is going on and rescue Carmichael.

This movie is a suspenseful and psychological horror. Infini does a great job at creating a feeling of disorientation that emulates what the characters feel. We don’t know what is going on and uncover the mystery along with Carmichael. The acting is fine, and the story is okay, but I was impressed with what the filmmakers do with their budget. I love how the film handles the characters’ descent into insanity. The echoing voices, how the characters talk to themselves, and the music all come together to create a tense narrative that will keep you at the edge of your seat. 

This movie isn’t perfect. It is low budget, so expect some inconsistencies. Some of the acting is rough, the story has some holes, and some of the effects are goofy. The ending was also a bit disappointing, but this is to be expected. Overall, it is a solid movie that makes some creative risks and they pay off. 

If you like sci-fi horror or the Dead Space games, this is worth a shot. If you are looking for a movie to watch, you can watch it for free over on YouTube. You can do a lot worse for free.

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