Series Review: The Lake (2022)

Amazon is stepping up its content game and seriously giving other streaming platforms a meaningful challenge. If you have Amazon Prime membership, you need to watch The Lake. This wholesome dramatic comedy is fantastically binge-worthy.

Billie was put up for adoption as a baby. Now, 16 years later, she is sent to spend a summer with her gay dad who she has never met before. All seems bleak at the lake, as the pair struggle to move past the awkwardness that resulted from the absence. It doesn’t help that coming to the lake has reignited an old family feud between Justin, Billie’s birth father, and Maisy, Justin’s stepsister. The series is full of shenanigans as the stepsiblings fight over the old lake house, but there is also some meaningful narratives about identity, family, and relationships that cannot be overlooked. It is a little on the sappy side in parts, but it is a cute and fun story throughout.

This show is well written and its fantastic cast do this show justice. The show is full of unique and interesting characters that build the world of this small lake community effectively. There are a lot of narratives that come together and I appreciate the little details that flesh out a story that goes beyond Justin and Billie’s relationship. It also goes without saying that Julia Stiles is a fantastic villain. I love that she is the driving force for a lot of the narrative and she is my favorite character.

The Lake is an Amazon original that should be on your list. It is a cute little comedy that will make you laugh, but it knows when to make serious commentary about society. Go check it out now!

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