I will say it, Chris Pratt doesn’t play a good soldier. I gave him a pass for Tomorrow’s War because no one could make that movie work, but with a slightly better story, he still falls short. He plays the exact same character in this, and I fear that Pratt might be a one-note actor. 

This show relies heavily on misdirection, tension, and urgency but there is none to be found. This is equal parts the fault of not having a strong enough lead as well as the poor directing and writing. The series follows Reese, a navy seal who is investigating a giant conspiracy that has taken the lives of his team and his family. Throughout, the show will present inconsistencies in what Reese perceives to try to disorient the audience’s perception of the narrative. Is there truly some secret plot against Reese and his men, or is it all a delusion brought on by an existing brain tumor?

While this might not be the worst military/spy thriller out there, there are certainly better options. The biggest issue with this show is its pacing. There also needed to be a force or pressure pushing Reese through the plot. Compitant villains with the chance to catch Reese. Instead, I waited for Pratt to make it to the next cheesy one-liner. It doesn’t help that the story stops for shameless product placement or to replay that same memories. It all feels like filler and adds little to the narrative. 

The tension and suspense suffer from the series’ poor pacing. Why should I worry about Reese’s race against cancer or the government if he is sitting for dinner? He might be more mortal than the traditional action hero, but Reese still has the godlike ability to get out of every situation. The stiff action sequences are therefore a bore because the outcome will always favor Reese. There are moments where he is slowed down by the wear and tear of combat, but it never truly feels like Reese is in trouble. I have said it before, even if the hero wins, there needs to be tension and urgency to make the movie exciting. 

This show desperately attempts to set itself apart through its constant failed attempts at misdirection. I knew who the final bad guy was the first time he appeared on screen, and I waited impatiently for his disappointing reveal. The series tries to trick the audience into believing that the conspiracy might be Reese’s delusion. This idea is interesting and it could have worked with a stronger lead. I have nothing against Pratt, but he doesn’t have the range needed for this series.

If you are going to watch this show, throw it up when you don’t want to pay attention. There is enough filler in this series here where you don’t need to be completely attentive. If you like spy thrillers, there are better ones, but this might scratch an itch. Otherwise, don’t bother. It’s okay for what it is, but it’s not really worth its run time. You can watch it on Amazon with a Prime membership, but I suggest you skip the boring bits.