There is an audience for this animated series, it just doesn’t include me. There is nothing technically bad with Fairfax, it was just too obnoxious for my tastes. The animation is fine, the voice acting is solid, the attention to detail is fantastic, and there is a good soundtrack buried throughout the series. But this show was created with a specific audience in mind and it is not for everyone.

The show follows Dale, a kid from Oregon who moves to the trendy city of Fairfax California. While everyone is obsessed with chasing clout through popularity and fashion, Dale only wants to make friends and go hiking. Dale makes friends with a group of characters who try to teach him how to fit in. While he does have a lot to learn about the new culture he has been dropped into, he also has a lot to learn.

Fairfax makes a lot of important social commentary about the culture obsessed with clout chasing. The show is supposed to be obnoxious as it satirizes the ridiculous never-ending cycle of being trendy. Every episode is a tedious adventure about chasing the lasted fad only to end in the disappointment that there is a new trend to chase. The whole series is about a society stuck in this endless and stressful race of seeking attention. It is well done, for the most part, I just wish it was wrapped in a different package.

I will say that I respect the attention to detail put into this show. If you were around for the Hypebeast era, you will catch and appreciate a lot of the references. Slang, posters, and music, amongst the constant barrage of pop culture references, encapsulate a whole generation of culture. I just didn’t like the characters or the tone of the series. If you can get past both of these jarring details, you might have a better time with this show. 

The show isn’t bad. It has its moments, and it makes some very cool observations, but it isn’t for me. This show was made with a specific audience in mind. Those on the outside of this group won’t find this show entertaining. That said, you can check it out on Amazon if you have a Prime Membership.