The Summer I Turned Pretty turned out to be a solid coming-of-age story that I didn’t hate. Usually, I stay away from these types of shows because I am not the target audience, but I am glad I didn’t. If you are the target audience or love sappy reverse harems, this is a decent one you can find on Amazon.

The show focuses on Belly who has just grown out of her awkward teen phase. She takes it upon herself to make the most of her summer and try to find love as well as define who she is. Will she find love, or will she be overwhelmed by the new world she is setting off into?


While the show does follow some of the tropes and the characters are a bit two-dimensional, it stands out against others I’ve seen. It is a lot tamer, the characters are likable, and the story is interesting. I liked that the show doesn’t rely heavily on fan service, current slang, or over-the-top quirky characters to trick people into watching it. You have a solid cast, some heartwarming moments, and some very real situations despite the narrative existing in a bubble.

The whole story takes place in a vacation town, far removed from most problems. It allows Belly to exist in this world where she can be the main character for once and also gives her the opportunity to find herself. The show handles a very complicated period in our lives pretty well. I liked watching Belly grow from her experiences and mistakes, but I was a bit disappointed by the ending. My problem with this story is that this is a very specific experience that plays out like a fantasy. As a result, the story is a bit sappy, but it never got cringy or unwatchable. I think if you are the target audience and enjoy these types of dramas you will enjoy this show a bit better.

You can watch this on Amazon with your prime membership. While I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it, you won’t hate it if you do.