Movie Review: 1UP(2022)

1up is possibly the best modern video game movie out right now. The story is great, the characters are fun and memorable, and the acting is solid. It might be a low-budget film and a bit on the cheesy side, but it is a fun story that you are sure to enjoy. If you have a Prime Membership, you should be watching this movie.

V and her friend Sloan are the only girls on their college’s esports team. As a result, they deal with the constant discrimination that comes within the misogynistic world of gaming. They are pushed to the sidelines, not because they lack the skill, but because they are women. Fed up, the girls quit and decide to form an all-girls team. Now they must learn to work together to prove to the world that girls can be gamers too.

I have grown to be wary of video game movies because most of the time dialogue is just a series of gamer terms strung together in a desperate attempt to be hip. Worse yet, women in these movies tend to be very one-dimensional and quirky in the worst way. I am tired of poorly written female leads designed to fit males’ obsolete image of women. 1UP does a better job than most movies. The girls are still archetypes, but at least they aren’t characters. I like that they have real tangible goes, and they work towards them. Best of all, they feel like a group of friends who just want to play video games.

This movie is a fun underdog story. The characters are silly and lovable. The pacing is perfect as it builds up to a satisfying conclusion. It does follow a lot of the tropes and themes that are common in the genre, but I had enough fun with this movie where it doesn’t matter. The way gaming is woven into the narrative is fun and exciting. I loved the dramatized fights and how intense the tournaments were even if they weren’t clicking the right buttons. Most importantly, it deals with an experience that movies about gaming tend to ignore. Being a girl who likes gaming is hard. Being a gamer girl comes with a lot of stigma and misogyny. This movie does a decent job at addressing a lot of these issues, but it does so softly. They could go a lot harsher in showing how bad it gets, but I will take what I can get. 

This is a fun movie that I recommend to everyone. Even if you don’t play video games or have never touched a MOBA, this film does a good enough job where it doesn’t matter. You won’t get lost in the jargon or the gaming, but I can’t say the same for the story. I loved this story. I urge you to watch it on Amazon. 

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  1. Gotta say, reading your reviews is something I look forward to as part of my morning routine. It also gets me to check things out that I might otherwise overlook -and sometimes avoid those I’m on the fence about! LoLs Thanks for your efforts! Always looking forward to your next review. 🙂

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