Luck failed to leave any impression on me. It isn’t a terrible movie, but it isn’t good enough to recommend. If you have to sit through this for your kids you won’t hate it. You will lose interest and forget you watched it, but it won’t be the worst kids’ movie you’ve sat through.

Luck is the story of the words unluckiest woman, Sam. Everything always goes wrong for Sam, but she manages to live with her bad luck. This all changes when one day she finds a magical lucky penny. Unfortunately, Sam is too unlucky even for magic, and she loses the penny. Now, with the help of a magical black cat, she must find a new lucky penny to help her friends.

The story is just predictable fluff that started as a cool concept. I liked the good and bad luck world, but I wish there was a bit more world-building. The pacing sucks. There are parts of this movie that drag so slowly that I almost gave up on this movie. I never give up on movies. The art is cute, but the animation is awkward and stiff. The voice acting is very inconsistent. Some of the actors are great, but most give very awkward line reads. This movie has its audience, and it is kids. 

If you have kids, fine, go for it. It’s cute, and you can tune out when you need to. Otherwise, I wouldn’t go out of my way for it. For those interested, you can watch this on Apple TV.