Movie Review: Thirteen Lives (2022)

I don’t watch movies that are based on real-world events. I have never been a fan. That said, I enjoyed Thirteen Lives, it is a very well-made movie. If you are on the fence and enjoy these kinds of movies, you will not regret the time you spend with this movie.

Thirteen Lives is a proper dramatization of a terrible moment in human history. The film recreates the rescue of the Thai youth soccer team and their coach as they were trapped in a flooding cave system. The movie will focus on the different groups involved in the rescue, and it does a fantastic job showing how complicated and exhausting the whole ordeal was. 

I am familiar with what happened, but I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. This is no easy feat. The acting and all the moving parts came together to create an incredibly suspenseful and claustrophobic experience. Watching the divers move through the dark flooded tunnels still gives me anxiety. Watching the other groups work tirelessly to get the boys was heartwarming. This film is a proper homage to the heroes who made the rescue happen. A homage you are sure to enjoy if you choose to watch it. 

Thirteen Lives is available for streaming on Amazon Video with a Prime membership. Check it out if you are thinking about watching it. 

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    1. Thank you for reading! Yeah this isn’t a movie I would recommend for fun, it gave me so much anxiety. I can’t bring myself to watch the documentary. Having the layer of fiction to soften the blow makes this easier to watch for sure, but it is hard to recommend considering the subject matter.

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  1. The tension of this story is magnified because it’s based on true events. I followed this news item up close and am still amazed by the teamwork and almost impossible job they pulled off.


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