I got this game as a review code. While I am grateful for the opportunity, I will not let that influence my opinion. These are my honest opinions about the game.

 60 Parsecs! is a space-themed taxed based survival game. You and your crewmates must survive the cold vacuum of space with your limited resources and some ingenuity. The gameplay is pretty simple. You get two optional actions and one mandatory. Each turn you can use the crafter to create, repair, upgrade, or recycle items you need for space travel. You can also feed, entertain, or heal your crew to make sure they survive the voyage. You don’t have to feed or craft every turn, but eventually, it becomes a necessity. Each turn you are given a random scenario that offers some sort of skill check. These checks can offer rewards or grant depuffs that will make space travel more difficult. The more time you spend in space, the more complicated the situation gets. You run out of supplies, people get sick, or you go crazy. I suggest looking up guides because while the game looks simple, it gets really hard. The choices you make matter.

The game has three game modes Survival, Voyager, and missions. The core concept of remains the same for all three, you must survive. Survival is a random mode where you are assigned random materials and crewmates. Voyager is sort of the game’s story mode. You are given 60 seconds to gather crew and materials and shot into space to survive with whatever you gather. Choose wisely. Mission mode offers different scenarios that add another layer of difficulty to your survival.

I enjoyed this game a lot. The art is fun and whimsical despite how grim it gets. The game offers a decent challenge, and every game offered enough variety to keep things interesting. I liked that my choices made an impact. People would die, I would run out of food, or I would get people hurt if I wasn’t careful with my choices. I enjoyed the anxiety I got from having to make choices even if there is no time limit to make them. This game has a lot of replayability and is definitely worth the price. If you like survival games like Don’t Starve, this is a good one to try out. This game is available on Steam, IOS, and Android.