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I want to start by saying that I received this game as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I will not let that sway my opinion. This will be an honest review of the game.

Destroy all Humans 2: Reprobed is an updated version with new art and updated graphics. This Reprobed edition includes new locations, new missions, and new weapons to make the game feel fresh and modern for veterans. You play as Crypto as he wages war against the KGB for blowing up his mothership. This crude chaotic third-person shooter is perfect for a gamer looking for a chill and relaxing game to add to their library. It’s even better for those wanting to relive some nostalgia.

I had so much fun with this game; I have never laughed so hard gaming before. I haven’t played any other games in the series, but I have always heard good things about it. I thought this was a great introduction to the series. I never felt alienated by the lack of knowledge bout the lore as the events were kept rather neatly within this story. I am sure those who have played since the beginning will have a deeper appreciation for the game, but do not be intimidated by starting at number 2.

I loved the freedom this game gives you to explore the major cities while you prepare for the next story mission. The game does a fantastic job at encouraging exploration by hiding trophies, Easter eggs, and materials to help you level your weapons around each city. This game has enough going on to keep the completionists out there happy. Each city has a series of side quests that also help you level your character as you prepare. The main story was hilarious, full of crude jokes and innuendos that have you crying from laughter. The voice acting in this game is fantastic. I recommend this game just for the voice acting.

The upgrades in graphics were very much appreciated; this game is beautiful. It was very satisfying to rain down chaos on the streets of San Francisco. The gameplay was good for the most part. As Crypto, you had a choice of various weapons and alien powers that always kept the mayhem refreshing and new. Crypto also has access to a jet pack and skateboard that made movement around the city incredibly fun. The only complaint I have with this game is with the saucer levels. You unlock a saucer early on, and the levels that force you to use it are frustrating. The movement was sluggish and inconstant. The saucer never moved where I wanted it to, and aiming with its weapons was an equally terrible experience.

I played this game on normal difficulty, but I recommend playing on anything harder. I found that the AI on normal was very dumb. You can breeze through the Crypto levels easily if you can figure out a way to trap the NPCs. I assume the saucer levels suck at any difficulty.

I had a lot of fun with this game regardless of the saucer levels. If you prep enough beforehand with the exploration, side missions, and leveling, the story should be manageable at any difficulty. If you are a fan of the originals, there are probably a lot of jokes in this that you will appreciate a lot more than I did. I recommend you get this game if you are on the fence.

I played this game on Steam, but it is also available for the Xbox, Playstation, and through the Epic Games Store.

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