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The Imperfects is Netflix’s new show about superhumans, and it is not half bad. It does take an episode or two for it to get interesting, but it ends up being a solid story. If you like X-men, it touches on many of its central themes. It is a solid attempt at the metahuman narrative, and a much better adaptation than any of the modern live-action X-men movies.

The show is about a geneticist whose obsession to cure mankind’s diseases unleashes a series of unforeseen mutations into the world. The show focuses on three youths whose mutations have manifested in unique and unwanted abilities. Frightened by their new development and desperate to be normal, they seek a cure. The problem is that the only scientist capable of making a cure has gone missing. Will they ever be able to find a cure, or will they live the rest of their lives as monsters?

I was surprised by this series because I have been disappointed by this concept many times before. The Imperfects 

may not be the perfect metahuman show, but it does show promise. While it may be limited by its budget, I can’t fault it for its creativity. If anything, this series proves you don’t need Sony’s budget to make a good series about metahumans. At its core, it has a strong enough narrative played by a good cast. Some of the writing isn’t great, and the show carries a general cheesiness, but it has an unmistakable charm that kept me interested till its season finale.

I loved the characters. Each lead has his or her own back story and goes on an important journey where they experience some kind of growth. It is refreshing to see a show like this have characters who aren’t the same at the end as where they started. The Imperfects is a unique take on the superhero narrative in which the characters don’t want to be burdened by their powers, or be heroes. Instead, they pursue a selfish goal but are constantly being tested into acting selflessly. It makes for an interesting dynamic in which the characters constantly face difficult decisions. It has its flaws. Some of the powers are imbalanced and they don’t know what to do with all their characters, but it remains a solid attempt.

I can only hope that this series takes off and we get a second season. You should watch this if you like the superhero genre and are waiting for something to watch. Even if you aren’t interested, it is worth a gander if you have nothing else to watch. You can stream it now on Netflix. 

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