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I am blown away by the high level of production that went into the making of The Woman King. I am elated that we are finally moving away from the problematic representation of the noble savage toward a more true and respectful one. The costumes, traditions, combat, and acting all come together to make this movie a beautifully epic experience. If you are considering watching this movie, buy the tickets and enjoy its glory. This is a movie you need to watch in theaters.

The Woman King is a historical representation of the Agojie, an all-female warrior unit tasked with protecting the African nation of Dahomey. While the movie does focus on the geopolitical conflicts between warring tribes and slavers, the movie is also an important narrative about womanhood. The movie focuses on Nawi as she trains to become an Agojie during her nation’s wartime. The film focuses on training while also highlighting some of the nation’s traditions. As Nawi learns to become a warrior, war is brewing in the backdrop until it boils over into some of the most epic battles in modern cinema. This is truly a fascinating itnroduction into one of the many cultures that are often misrepresented in the media.

The Woman King is an important film that needs to be supported. The film is an inspiring narrative of womanhood that challenges the traditional values that have been dominant in media for so long. I can’t forget to mention the important representation and commentary about slavery that can’t be overlooked. Unfortunately, it is becoming a modern trend in America to forget and overlook these kinds of stories. While they may be able to whitewash the curriculum, they cannot censor the cinema. I can only hope that this is the start of a growing trend to represent cultures that have often been vilified or forgotten due to racism.

Aside from its cultural commentary, this film has a fantastic narrative. Watching Nawi raise up through her training and building lasting bonds with her sisters was both inspiring and heartwarming. These actresses gave it their all to such an epic story to life. There was a lot of love and dedication put into this movie, and it clearly paid off. It is truly refreshing to see women, especially women of color take on such active and heroic roles in cinema.

The Woman King is an action movie done correctly. The narrative, the action, and the characters all kept me at the edge of my seat. The only complaint I have about this movie is that the theater was so empty. I don’t think the movie has caught on to the public yet, but it should. This is one of the best movies I have seen this year, and I will die on this hill. If you are considering watching this movie, or haven’t heard of it, buy the tickets and thank me later. You can watch it in theaters as of the writing of this review. 

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