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I just watched Do Revenge and it was a lot better than I expected. It may not be winning any awards or breaking any leaderboards, but it is a fun and entertaining movie to throw on when you don’t want to think.

Drea attends a prestigious high school and has managed to work her way to the top of the social ladder. She runs the school and dreams of going to Yale. This all changes when her boyfriend leaks her nudes to the entire class. Drea’s reputation is ruined overnight, and she is made an outcast by the people she believed to be her friend. Her boyfriend survives unscathed, leaving Drea to deal with the anger of this betrayal alone. 

While her boyfriend gets to live his normal life, Drea must play by the rules and deal with the repercussions. But Drea’s fall from grace lands her an unlikely ally, Elenore. Elenore has also had her reputation destroyed, and shares in Drea’s anger. Together, they plot to exact revenge on those who wronged them. Common goals create unlikely friendships, but will the revenge they seek quell the anger they hold within?

Do Revenge doesn’t have the greatest story. It doesn’t even have enough story for a full movie and must resort to romantic subplot plot filler and some light fan service. That said, this isn’t a bad movie. What makes this movie work so well is its leads. These two have the chemistry and charisma to carry this movie. I had so much fun watching them scheme and slowly become friends, even though what they do is immoral.

What I liked about this movie was the leads had a conscience. In movies like this, the leads don’t realize what they are doing is wrong until it’s too late. You get a sappy apology, and everything is restored in the end. This movie has some of that, but the characters show remorse as they plot and scheme. There is a very cool scene where Drea confesses that she still feels angry, and nothing seems to quell that anger. This was a very surprising moment because I didn’t expect this movie to have any depth or character growth.

Do Revenge is a simple movie that does what it sets out to do, it entertains. Aside from the leads, the acting is average at best. There are some bad line reads that I am willing to forgive. This movie is a tad generic as it hits a lot of the mandatory teen movie tropes. The story also loses a bit of traction towards the end as it tries to tie everything up. But if you just are looking for something to watch, this movie is a solid choice. You can stream it on Netflix. 

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