Series Review: Final Space

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Final Space has no right to be as good as it is; you should watch it if you haven’t. I am disappointed that it won’t be getting its proper conclusion anytime soon because a greedy network is holding it hostage. Nonetheless, Final Space is the perfect space odyssey you should be watching! 

Final Space is the story of Gary Goodspeed’s destiny. Gary is serving his prison sentence alone in space when a mysterious, planet-destroying space creature finds him. Gary befriends the strange creature and names it Mooncake. But the friendship between Mooncake and Garry sets off a series of events that will change the universe forever. Now Garry and his newly found crew of misfits must save the universe from an ancient evil. 

Final Space is an epic and emotional adventure I wasn’t prepared for. Do not let the art style and general goofiness fool you, this is a serious adventure full of love, loss, action, and betrayal. Final Space is sci-fi done right. There is fantastic world-building, memorable characters with proper development, actual stakes, and a narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I laughed, I cried, but I need more.

My only complaint about this show is that there aren’t any plans for a final season. It is also difficult to find copies of the seasons that have been released because it is no longer available for streaming anywhere. You can find the first two seasons on Amazon for purchase right now, but that might change soon. It is worth the trouble if you can find it anywhere else, even if it is a physical copy. I can only hold onto the hope that one day it will miraculously get the proper conclusion that it deserves. Take my word for it, go watch Final Space, and don’t forget to thank me when you do. 

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      1. I love Mooncake, too. The problem I have with all shows is that if there is any amount of time in between seasons, I forget it all and since that happens so often lately, I have learned to easily give up and I no longer care about a lot of TV. When I was young there were 23 episodes per season for most shows and then there would be re-runs on the “off-season” and sometimes they would play the end season leading up to the new one. Now most shows barely have 8 episodes and it seems like years in between seasons and there are HUNDREDS of shows to watch between them so . . . I forget and move on. I don’t even remember what was going on and like you said, you can’t find it on streaming . . . . I am just going to imagine he got a dozen chocolate chip cookies and lived happily ever after. 🙂

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      2. That’s the best ending honestly. Gary gets all the cookies and life is good. That’s the ending I’ll stick with unless we get a proper one. I feel you though, sometimes I go back to my reviews and there is stuff on there that I don’t remember watching.

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