Movie Review: Black Adam (2022)

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As the DCU continues to crumble under the weight of its disappointing titles, one hero rises to add to the pile. Black Adam comes in as another generic superhero origin that isn’t worth your time. 

Black Adam is freed from his ancient prison, bringing hope to a colonized generic country. Luckily, a generic teen and his mother are here to teach him to be a proper hero. But Black Adam is too powerful to be allowed his freedom. The Justice Society is assembled to lock up Black Adam before he can cause any trouble. But there is an evil waiting in the shadows, ready to bring destruction to the world. Can they come together and save the world when it needs them the most? Of course, they can. This is a bad movie.

While Black Adam isn’t the worst movie from the DCU, it isn’t one of the good ones either. The writing is lazy, the acting is average at best, and the story is boring. The fights are fine, but most of the good ones are in the trailer. Black Adam isn’t the revival of the universe DC was hoping for, nor is it the origin story that the fans were waiting on. Black Adam is another shameless cash grab for a dying genre. 

This movie’s biggest problem is its lack of urgency. There is nothing to drive the plot. There aren’t memorable characters, interesting villains, or compelling story hooks to hold grab or keep your attention. Instead, you suffer through boring flashbacks that repeat and preachy speeches that don’t go away. Every scene that doesn’t involve fighting is a generic speech about freedom, justice, and heroism. It is very heavy-handed and not what I came to see.

There isn’t much more to say about this movie because it doesn’t make an impression. None of these characters will become staples in this universe, and this story is better left forgotten. Don’t waste your time on such a lazy movie. If you watched this movie in theaters, I am sorry you wasted your money.

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12 thoughts on “Movie Review: Black Adam (2022)

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    1. That was probably the hardest part about this movie, they don’t seem to be getting any better despite the bad reviews. It’s a shame because their animated stuff and some of their series are pretty good. I am still sad that Swamp Thing never took off because that showed some promise.


    1. Oh god I was so excited for Justice League, but it was garbage. They just don’t know how to translate their stories into live action. They do so well in their animated movies. I should give up but I will probably watch whatever comes out next as well. Thanks for reading!


      1. Black Adam…

        Honestly, it was just an average DC movie.

        I watched it because i wanted to see Dwayne in action, but…

        He tried his best.

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