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I knew RIPD 2 was going to be a terrible movie going in, but I needed to know how bad. RIPD 2 is one of those direct-to-video sequels that no one talks about. I’d be surprised if anyone knew this was out. This film was a shameless attempt at cashing in on a franchise that wasn’t very good to begin with, don’t watch it. I will be using spoilers. Stop reading if you care about spoilers.

The movie follows an old-timey sheriff who dies on duty. His judgment is in, and while he is too good to be in hell, he isn’t good enough to be in heaven. To ascend, the sheriff must serve in the R.I.P.D and hunt down the souls who refuse to move on. Unfortunately, his first job is to hunt down hell’s second-strongest demon. Will he and his partner have what it takes to save the world from eternal damnation? Yes. With the help of terribly written ex-Machina, the two will save humanity. 

It should come as no surprise that this movie sucks. While the actors may be trying their hardest in their roles, their efforts are in vain. RIPD 2 is a generic Spaghetti Western that attempts to be quirky with its ideas about the afterlife but isn’t competent enough to tell its story.

The biggest issue with this movie is its lack of villains and heroes. The villain has no real motives and only acts evil because the script asks him to. The heroes fumble through the plot without real urgency and lack the characteristics to make them memorable or heroic. The movie doesn’t even try to build up to the final confrontation. It just happens, and it is disappointing. If you are going to have a strong demon as the villain, make the fight harder. Have him be more present, constantly creating obstacles for the heroes. Make him do something that shows that he isn’t just evil; make him competent. Without any urgency, motive, or suspense, why should I care about this movie?

My personal issue with this movie is the ending. The main characters defeat the demon and save the world from an invasion. The sheriff celebrates his victory and grows excited that he will get to ascend, but his contract stipulates that he still has 100 years of service left before he can go to heaven. The sheriff and Joan of Arc save humanity but don’t even earn a sentence reduction. How is this fair? How bad was this sheriff in life that even saving humanity doesn’t earn him eternal salvation? This is extremely predatory for God. Some will argue that he should have read his contract before signing, but who would suspect God of this level of trickery? This all feels like a lazy setup for an upcoming series that I am sure will be canceled. 

I hope I am wrong and this will put a rest on this mediocre franchise. Don’t watch this movie. You can stream it on Netflix, but I would skip it. 

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