Movie Review: Disenchanted (2022)

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Disenchanted is another lazy sequel from Disney that no one asked for. This lazy and uninspired kids’ film is a waste of time, don’t bother streaming it. If you are a fan of Enchanted, watch that instead. If you have to watch it with your kids, you’re going to be bored. 

Giselle is a Disney princess that has made a life for herself in the real world but finds difficulty adjusting. In an effort to have her happily ever after, the family moves out of the city and into a small town. The transition isn’t easy it puts a strain on the family, specifically on the relationship between Giselle and her stepdaughter. In her moment of desperation, Gisselle makes the wish that will change everything. Gizelle wishes for her stepdaughter to have the fairy tale life she deserves, but this wish comes with unintended consequences.

I already forgot I watched this movie because it is dull. This movie is lazy, and the plot has been done better elsewhere. This is the plot of all those slapstick babysitter movies that keep coming out, but a lot less funny and with a lot more singing. Giselle is nice and means well, but her moody teenage daughter doesn’t understand. It is by the end of the adventure that the daughter understands Giselle and learns to appreciate her as a mother. It is as cheesy and poorly written as you can imagine. 

Disenchanted does attempt to poke fun at the fairy tale genre but isn’t good at making its criticism. This movie is a collection of songs sloppily strung together with a poorly written narrative and terrible meta-jokes. I am glad that at least the singing was good. If no one is singing in this movie, nothing is happening. I hate musicals, but I found myself wishing for anyone to start to sing just for something to start happening. 

While the songs and singing are fine, I hope your kids don’t fall in love with Disenchanted. The endless loop of this movie will kill you. 

This movie is boring, and there is no getting around it. If you have to watch this with your kids, you will be bored. At least the singing is nice, and you won’t be confused with the plot, but these remain negligible consolations. You can stream it on Disney+, but I wouldn’t bother. 

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    1. Yeah, I have a hard time sitting through musicals because the stories are always boring. Then the singing starts and makes things a lot slower. I’ve gotten more tolerant because I’ve seen some terrible ones that have helped me appreciate the good and decent ones a lot more.


    1. Disney has gotten lucky with some of their sequels and spin offs before, but lately it feels like they are missing a lot. You are welcome, I have been stuck on some terrible loops before. I wouldn’t wish this loop on anyone. Thanks for reading!


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