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I was sent this game as a review code. I am grateful for the opportunity, but I will not let that sway my opinion. This will be an honest review of the game.

Frozen Flame is a casual survival RPG available on Steam today. You can play online with your friends or you can play solo. If you like survival games but want one that isn’t a huge complicated investment, give Frozen Flame a try.

Screenshots and video taken from the game

Take control of the character of your creation as you brave the elements and traverse an unforgiving landscape. Gather the resources you need to fight monsters, complete quests, and build basses as you make your way through the various realms of Arcana. Do you have what it takes to conquer the wilderness?

Of all the survival games I’ve played, Frozen Flame is the easiest and simplest to get into. This game does a fantastic job of guiding its players through the mechanics required to be successful. I never felt lost or overwhelmed by the number of tasks available to me. If you get lost, the game has an in-game guide to guide you. You can also find comprehensive guides online with walkthroughs and recipes online. I liked referencing the guide by TechRaptor because I felt it was best formatted.

The main complication of this game comes in the form of managing different conditions and resources. You must use your survival skills to mitigate the weather and keep yourself in peak physical condition so that you are always at your most effective. Like any other survival game, there will be a lot of inventory and resource management. I found management in Frozen Flame relatively streamlined and easy to keep track of. 

Combat is fine for what it is, but it is pretty simple. If you are looking for a complex combat system, prepare to be disappointed. That isn’t to say that combat in this game is easy. If you aren’t managing your stamina or upkeeping your gear, you will die a lot. Stamina is your main resource in this game. You use it to fight, cast spells, dodge, and sprint. Managing your stamina is essential for your survival. Most of the combat in this game is about learning the monster’s patterns and making sure you always have the stamina to spend.

There is a base building in this game, but I never really bother with this mechanic. I usually build a box to protect myself from the elements and call it a day. That said, the options are pretty limited and if you enjoy base building, this offers a basic experience. It is great for those who want to start getting into the genre, but everyone else will find it lacking.

My only complaint with this game is that it does get a bit repetitive after a while. You are going to find yourself repeating the same tasks and it will get old. The game does a decent job of keeping combat fresh by introducing different mechanics in boss fights, but the novelty doesn’t last long. You will slowly start to recognize the patterns and it can become a battle of attrition.

Music by AlexiAction from Pixabay

So what do I think? I had fun with this game. I liked that it wasn’t a huge commitment. The story is easy to follow and the mechanics are simple and easy to pick up. I can see myself picking up this game when I just want to chill, build a base and not have to worry about complicated recipes to survive. There is also a light RPG element that keeps the game interesting. But, this is a casual game for the casual gamer. For those looking for an in-depth RPG or survival game, this isn’t it. This is great for the gamer who doesn’t have much time but still wants to play a decent survival game. The graphics are fine, the game runs smoothly, and it isn’t a huge commitment. Check it out on Steam

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