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The People We Hate At The Wedding is another case of a fantastic cast wasted on a lazy movie. If you are interested in this movie, I suggest watching Brides Maids or Bride Wars instead. This movie feels like a cheap improved version of these movies, and it isn’t worth your time.

The movie focuses on a group of step-siblings who have grown estranged over the years. To reunite the family and mend the bond between them, the eldest invites her family to her wedding. But things are tense between the step-siblings, and things don’t go as planned. Instead of a happy reunion, there is sloppy chaos spilling onto the streets of London. It seems as if all the tension straining their relationship has reached its boiling point. Can they work through their issues and come together as a family before the wedding? Yes, they do. This movie sucks.

The acting is easily the best part, but I wish the story was better. The actors do a great job with what they are given and even share some terrific chemistry, but they can only do so much. The characters are a collection of misfortune and bad decisions without much more depth to them outside of being assholes. The story is a collection of poorly improved skits that go too long and pandering emotional moments that don’t land as they should. Whatever cookie-cutter narrative this film tries to develop throughout its run times instantly becomes predictable. I don’t know which is worse: the boring predictable plot or the jokes that go on for too long.

I liked that the focus is on a family that isn’t perfect, but there isn’t a real story here. This movie has too many plots, none of them which are given the proper time to develop. As a result, this movie takes too long to set up various big moments but then rushes through them to get to the end credits. This makes for a very disappointing conclusion to a movie without much direction.

Don’t watch this movie. It isn’t funny, heartwarming, or entertaining. Other movies have done this story a lot better. Go watch those instead. But for those still interested, you can watch it on Amazon if you have a Prime Membership.

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