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The Kaiju genre has been growing stale lately. With my recent dispointment in Godzilla Vs. Kong, I had little faith that Troll would be a good movie. I thought this film would be another of Netlix’s generic attempts at a genre, but I was pleasantly surprised when Troll turned out to be a fantastic Kaiju movie.

Nora is a respected paleontologist on the verge of discovery when a giant monster wakes from its slumber. A troll now roams the Norwegian countryside bringing with it destruction and mayhem. Nora might be the only person on Earth with the knowledge to stop the troll. Can she do it before the troll destroys Norway?

Troll is a beautiful entry into the genre with its fantastic actors, great story, and amazing action. This movie takes advantage of Norway’s beautiful landscape, and I recommend this so that you can enjoy Norway’s breathtaking beauty. The monster design for the troll is also fantastic. I was scared Troll would have a terribly rendered, but the CGI in this movie is phenomenal.

I don’t speak Norwegian, but it sounded like the acting was good. The movie does offer dubbing in different languages, but I recommend you watch it in the original tongue for an authentic experience. Nora is a great protagonist, and her actor carries this movie. I found it refreshing when the lead of this movie was a competent, strong, and independent woman. Nora is a terrific character because she isn’t too perfect while remaining a believable badass. Excuse my language; Nora is a badass.


The story is well done. It is easy to follow while giving its audience enough information to follow along. I know nothing about Norwegian Folklore, but this movie gave me enough to understand what was going on without slowing down the pacing. I feel like we’ve come to the point where recent Kaiju movies follow a tired old formula. Troll does touch on some of the genre’s staples but still tells its unique narrative. Best of all, this movie doesn’t waste time on a pointless romantic subplot. Although one may be implied, Nora is only here to stop the troll. 

The action is really cool in this movie. The mayhem, the carnage, and the fighting all come together to form a fantastic narrative. There is a bit of propaganda as you get to see the full extent of Norway’s military prowess. There are scenes dedicated to showcasing how well equipt the Norwegian military is. It does slow down the action a bit, but it never gets distracting. Regardless of this minor slowdown, this is an exciting movie. I was on the edge of my seat while I watched Nora save the world. 

Troll has made me hopeful for the Kaiju genre. I can only hope that this is the start of something great. If you haven’t seen it, go watch Troll now. It is a unique entry to the genre, and you can stream it now on Netflix. 

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