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If I had to only use one word to describe the comedic cinematic genius that is Shotgun Wedding, it would be cheap. This film is a collection of cheap action sequences, cheap CGI, and cheap jokes bundled in a cheap script to fill up a digital catalog. This movie required more suspense of disbelief and patience than I am capable of. With how hard Amazon is advertising this movie, I expected something that didn’t feel like a bargain bin direct-to-vhs action movie. If you are desperate to watch a JLO comedy, The Wedding Planner is a better movie.

A generic couple plans a destination wedding in the Philippines. Conflict between the couple has slowly been boiling over until they get into a huge fight on the day of the wedding. Luckily for them, pirates have crashed their wedding and taken their guests as hostages. JLO and her husband are now forced to work through their relationship while they attempt to save the day. Can they do so before the pirates start killing hostages? Yes because this is a poorly written movie. 

The acting in this movie is lazy, and most actors seem to be there for the paycheck. To be fair to the actors, there is only so much that can be done with this script. The plot is dumb, and there clearly wasn’t enough of an idea for a movie. If you cut out all the filler and the ending karaoke scene no one asked for, there are 30 minutes of “plot” left for your enjoyment. Less than half of that is enjoyable. I would be lying if I said this movie didn’t make me laugh. This movie had its moments, but most of them are in the trailer, so there really isn’t a need to watch it for an additional joke or two.

I am tired of the JLO character at this point. She plays the same character in all her movies, whether she plays a stripper or is playing herself. I understand that a lot of this has to do with the fact that she doesn’t have the range to play any other character. Here it’s problematic when the lead needs to be more charismatic than JLO is capable of being. She didn’t has no chemistry with the husband, her comedic timing is inconsistent, and she was too goofy for the action bits. Maybe one day they will find a role where this character works, but not today.

I can’t recommend this movie because I don’t really count it as a movie. It doesn’t take advantage of its cast, there is no plot, and it’s barely funny. It may not be the worst comedy I have seen, but your time is better spent elsewhere. For those curious, you can check it out on Amazon.

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Image By http://www.impawards.com/2023/posters/shotgun_wedding_xxlg.jpg, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=71920995