The other day I booted up No Man’s Sky on PC because I didn’t know I had the copy. To my surprise, not only did I have a copy, but I also had access to their new VR update. If you don’t remember, No Man’s Sky had a rough start at release. By all accounts, this game was terrible, and people were demanding refunds. Hello Games came out and made a statement assuring its players that it will continue to work on this game and make it better. Seven years later, this game is still going strong, and Hello Games has made good on many of its promises.

I got this game after its first update. I saw the bad news, but when the game went on sale, the sale price justified my curiosity. I loved this game and played way too much of it. For those who don’t know, No Man’s Sky is a space-themed survival game. You must use the resources of the planets you land on to build your bases, explore ancient cavillations, and travel the universe. If you like survival games, you probably already own this title. If you are considering buying this game, it doesn’t hurt to jump in now. The art is phenomenal, the gameplay is relaxing, and the developers behind this game are amazing. Do not be intimidated if you aren’t familiar with survival games. There are many resources and guides out there to guide you on your journey, and there are several modes and settings to help make your playthrough a catered experience.

I got this game on the Xbox when I first got my copy. Not only did this copy grant me access to the PC version, but I can also play it in VR. I love the fact that I can switch between consoles without having to start over and buy another copy of the game. I hate having to purchase multiple versions of the game when I dare desire the convenience of playing on the couch. I wish more games came with the option of not just cross-platform, but cross-saves as well. I know that there is that belief that PC gaming is the panicle of the experience, but sometimes I want to not be at my desk. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for, especially in online games, to be able to play on whatever is most convenient without having to spend so much money. 

The VR experience has revitalized my love for this game. Not only does it give me a reason to use my Meta Quest 2, but it is a phenomenal experience. This isn’t a cheap gimmick to trick people into buying the game again. There was a lot of effort put into this port. This game is so pretty and immersive that I have spent more time looking at the strange alien life than trying to finish any questing. I am the type of person who is easily distracted. The game runs pretty well on the Quest 2, although there are some stuttering and bugs that could be ironed out. It is not enough to ruin the experience, but it is noticeable enough to be distracting. 

Chilly MKA posted a pretty good game play video that you should check out if you need to see what this game looks like in VR:

One thing to note about this version is that the default movement settings are designed to mitigate VR sickness. You teleport to move it blinks to turn. Teleporting to move felt clunky, and it took away from the emersion. Turning feels too sudden and jarring. I changed the settings so that I could get a more immersive experience, but that will take some getting used to for most. While I didn’t get as sick with this title as others I have played, the sickness will eventually creep up on me, and I will need to take my break or risk losing my lunch. I do recommend you not wear the headset until the game is loaded to your instance because the loading animation will make you sick. My only complaint is that I wish I could use a flight stick for flying the spaceship, but I can live without using one. 

You should buy this game if you don’t have it. It is sure to provide you with many hours of relaxing gameplay as you travel through the universe exploring strange and wonderful worlds. Check it out on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, xbox, Steam, and GOG. For those of you who like physical copies, consider getting cheaper copies on Amazon with my affiliate links:

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