Series Review: Make My Day (2023)

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Do not let the awkwardness of the art and animation stop you from enjoying Netflix’s newest survival horror anime, Make My Day. If you are a fan of the genre and enjoyed the Dead Space series, this series should be on your watchlist. Make My Day is a short and manageable series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Companies have started mining the planet of Coldfoot for a new energy resource. Unfortunately, mining on this planet has awoken an ancient and nearly indestructible creature that is quickly wiping humanity off the planet’s inhospitable surface. Jim is a low-level guard at one of the prisons when disaster strikes. With the help of the survivors he gathers along the way, Jim must find a way off the planet. Can they make it before it is too late?

I loved this series. Although some of the production can be awkward, it does enough to tell an exciting horror story. I haven’t felt so anxious as I watched the survivors face increasingly impossible odds as they tried to leave the planet. The action is well choreographed and exciting, the voice acting is solid, although the quality does waiver with some of the extras, and the story is well done. There is enough buildup and tension to keep the pace moving, and enough character development to keep the story interesting. The ending does get a bit cheesy, but it was still satisfying enough to earn my recommendation. 

My favorite part of this series is the main character Jim. Jim starts off the series as this scared kid who isn’t ready for conflict. The series does a great job of setting up Jim as a capable character so that when he has to act, his transformation is believable. When Jim first encounters the aliens, he is paralyzed by fear and can only watch in horror as people die to save him. As the series progresses, he slowly finds his courage and takes more of an active role as the hero. I had a lot of fun watching Jim grow as a character, although I did feel that his development suffers a bit. 

This series is a lot of fun and very intense. If you like horror and need something to watch, check out Make My Day on Netflix. The series has English dubbing available but I couldn’t find an English trailer.  

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Image by ThankYouFantasyPictures from Pixabay

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