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I was sent Fashion Police Squad as a review code. While I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to review this game, I am not letting this sway my opinion. This will be my honest review of the game.

Fashion Police Squad is a retro FPS Doom clone with a silly quirk. It is available on all major platforms and PC. This review will be on the PC version. You play as Sargent Des who suddenly finds himself in a city with an abnormal boom in fashion crimes. It is up to you to fight these crimes and get to the bottom of what is behind this sudden wave.

Pictures are screenshots taken from the game.

The writing in this game is fine. It is full of fashion-related puns, and at least some will make you laugh. I got a good chuckle out of this game and appreciate the developers’ commitment to the bit. The plot has a predictable mystery, but you aren’t playing this game for its deep storytelling. 

This game is a mostly more polished retro fps full of inventive weapons and hilarious enemies. Each enemy comes with a specific weakness that requires you to constantly switch between your equipment. This mechanic gives the game a welcomed level of difficulty. I played on the normal difficulty and thought the game was challenging enough, but you can always raise it if you find it too easy. I found that even on normal difficulty, I had to plan out my moves and be aware of enemy positioning or else be overwhelmed. 

That said, the game isn’t perfect yet. I found instances where I could confuse the NPCs and get them stuck in loops that made them easy to kill. There were also a few performance issues, especially in instances with many enemies, where the game would stutter; or frames would drop after each kill. The performance issues never made the game unplayable, but they are noticeable when it happens. 

I had a lot of fun with this game. I love retro FPS games and found this to be a delightful little take on the genre. The humor was a vibe that I was all about, although I will admit some of the slang did go over my head. The art is really cool, and their attention to detail is admirable. Most importantly, this game is fun. It is definitely worth the $20. The game is on sale for $17 until February 16 on the Xbox, PC, and Switch.

You can grab your copy of Fashion Police Squad on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and Steam.  

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For whatever reason, WordPress isn’t letting me post my gameplay video so here is a great one by ContraNetwork