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I understand that I am a little late on this review, but I enjoyed this anime enough to recommend it. If you are looking for a new anime to get into, go stream Chainsaw Man on Hulu.

Denji was a normal kid, burdened by the crippling debt that he inherited from his father. He works it off by doing all the odd jobs and hunting devils. Denji and Pochita, a chainsaw demon dog he befriends, live on the scraps left after each payment. Denji’s life changes when he is sacrificed by the gang he owes money to. In order to save Denji, Pochita gives Denji his heart. Denji now has the power to turn his body parts into chainsaws. Denji gets recruited to serve with the Public Safety Devil Hunters to keep Japan safe from devils. With his new power and job, Denji can live the life he’s always dreamed of. A life with three meals a day, jelly on toast, and boobs.

I liked this anime quite a bit. The art style and animation are interesting, the concept is neat, and the story is fun. There is a bit of shameless fan service, and the tone does get a bit silly, but the story is good enough that it doesn’t matter. What I liked most about this anime is that the protagonist isn’t the traditional hero who is overly good with an unbeatable sense of justice. Denji chooses to join the Public Safety Devil Hunters because he gets to live a better life. He has a warm place to sleep, all the food he can eat, and for the first time in his life, people treat him nicely. There are some very interesting moments where Denji will doubt his humanity or selfishness, but he always does what’s right. Denji is slowly learning to be heroic even if his motives aren’t as righteous as his colleagues. It is also interesting to have the point of view of someone who has never had anything. What he values, his reactions to new experiences, and the way he finds motivation is a refreshing take on the protagonist. 

The first season is on Hulu and I believe it does a great job of introducing the series. You get a good sense of the world and what drives it, a taste of the big bad and his powers, the stakes involved, and its cast of interesting characters. It reminds me a lot of suicide squad and I am interested to see where this series will take me. In the meantime, I think I will attempt to catch up with the manga.

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