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Knock at the Cabin wasn’t worth the movie ticket price. I don’t recommend you watch this movie in theaters, even if you get the tickets at a discount. If you are considering watching this film, wait for it to come to a streaming service. Even then, I would hold off because the apocalypse couldn’t come fast enough to save me from boredom.  

An unsuspecting same-sex couple and their adopted daughter have their vacation abruptly interrupted by four strangers on a mission to save the world. With the apocalypse imminent, the three must choose to sacrifice one of their own, or else unleash the end of the world. Can the family make the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity before it is too late?

Dave Bautista is the only good thing about the movie. I have already forgotten everyone else, even the main characters. This movie isn’t worth sitting through for Bautista’s performance.

My biggest issue with this movie is the pacing. It takes too long for it to get to the point. You sit through a lot of backstories for a relationship you won’t care about and poorly written dialogue that becomes too preachy about humanity. Writing this bad doesn’t deserve a theatrical release.

Do not be tricked by the trailers; this is not a disaster movie. Knock at the Cabin is a pretentious take on the human condition full of lazy takes and little action. You don’t get to see any of the plagues, destruction, or deaths. Instead, you get to watch strangers talk it out. As a result, there is no sense of urgency or time limit. The world might be ending, but it doesn’t feel like it. For this movie to work, it needed higher stakes. I also didn’t care enough about the main characters for the choice to matter. The climax doesn’t feel impactful because I didn’t care about the family, and there was no sense of urgency. 

I have been consistently disappointed by M. Knight’s movies for a while now. My expectations were low going into this, but Knock at the Cabin isn’t his worst movie. Dave Bautista is charismatic enough to make this movie less of a chore to sit through, and there were some beautiful moments of cinematography that I genuinely appreciated. That said, don’t watch this movie in theaters. I would wait till it comes out on streaming so that you can skip through the boring bits, but even then, I wouldn’t rush to see it.

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Image By http://www.impawards.com/2023/knock_at_the_cabin_ver3.html, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=72371404