GDC Recap: Drakantos

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All Media was taken from the official discord

I didn’t get a chance to try out Drakantos at GDC because the venue’s wifi was giving a lot of presenters issues. I did get the opportunity to speak with a couple of the game’s developers, and they succeeded in making me excited about their game. I want to take this moment to thank them for their time. I know I had a lot of questions, and I appreciate your patience.

Drakantos is a pixel art MMORPG from Brazil that will be playable on your favorite browser. I love the art style, and the trailer was enough to get me interested. The voice acting in this game is fantastic, and I recommend you check out their official discord for samples.

Unlike your traditional MMO, Drakantos will not have a character creation. Instead, the game will release with 21 predesigned characterswith more planned for future releases. You’ll be able to unlock characters through the battle pass or by playing the game. However you may feel about battle passes in gaming, they are now a feature in the industry, and there is no going back. The game will be free to play, so I won’t blame them for trying to make money. All I can hope is that it won’t become pay-to-win. Only 20 characters have been revealed so far. You can find more information on their official discord, but I will post an album for your convenience.

PVE for this game seems promising. The story, at least the bit that is in the trailer, promises a solid PVE experience. The game will also have world bosses, events, and dungeons to help foster a healthy endgame. Drakantos will also have PVP arenas for those who enjoy that aspect of the genre. Arenes will be 3v3, and the gear won’t matter to avoid power creep. All players will have access to the same pool of characters, making the experience more skill-based than gear reliant. There will also be weekly tournaments and a ranking system to further incentivize the PVP experience.

I will be trying this game as soon as I can. I suggest you keep tabs on Drakantos by following them on their socials. They are very active with news and updates, and they are always happy to answer any questions. You can find them on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

*I do not own any of the media on this post, they were taken from the official discord.


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