The Independent Games Festival (IGF) awards have just wrapped and it was a pretty impressive lineup of games. I got to try a few of them and was impressed by the unique collection put on display. I will be covering all the games that were nominated, but I will start. I think it is only fair to give these games their own posts because they were all so different and deserving of the same time and attention.

The winner for the Excellence in Visual Art category was the adventure game RPG Time: The Legend of Wright by the publisher, DeskWorks Inc. This quirky little RPG combines a series of genres with its unique hand-drawn art style. The game feels like it happens on top of a desktop as you shift between different game types. It is cool to see this game come to life. I can see why it has already one a lot of awards. If you are looking for something truly unique and quirky, check out RPG Time: The Legend of Wright. You can play this game on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Steam for $29.99. Its on sale on Nintendo for $15.99 till March 31, 2023, and Xbox has it for $16.49 till March 28, 2023. Now might be a great time to pick it up if you have either of those consoles. I’ll be adding this to the games I need to try, and hopefully, come back with a full review soon.