On the first day of the Expo, I got to try out the pixel art MMORPG KakaleThis cute little MMO is available on PC, Android, and IOS devices. If you enjoy the game and wish to support it, you can buy cosmetics, support their Patreon, or become a premium subscriber for $6.99 a month. The devs suggested there might be a battle pass implemented in the future, but was assured that none of the paid options offer a competitive advantage. The premium subscription seems to only offer quality-of-life benefits like more storage, a bigger friends list, access to larger instances, and more. You can find the full list of premium benefits on the official site.

Pictures are from presskit

Kakele has five classes: berserker, mage, warrior, hunter, and alchemist. Each will have its role to play, especially when you get to end-game content. I have already made my mage and will return with my impressions once I’ve gotten far enough. Aside from your class, you choose the type of experience you want. Kakele offers two kinds of servers, one for PVP and another for PVE. For those who don’t enjoy PVP, there are dungeons, world bosses, and seasonal events to keep you busy. If you join a guild, you fight over castles that will grant you bonuses if captured. You will also need to defend the castles you capture. The game is young, but there already seems lots to do.

One of my favorite aspects of this game right off the bat is that the UI is completely customizable. You can rearrange your hotkeys where ever you want so that you can always have an optimized experience. On mobile devices and tablets, you can even move the D-pad.

So what were my first impressions? This game is super cute, and it brings me back to a time when the only online gaming I could afford was through a browser on a library computer. The art is great and easy to see, the maps are easy to navigate over, and the early leveling experience is fine. Combat at the beginning is laid back as it slowly teaches you how to play, but I can already see its potential to be complex at the end of the game. The game already seems to have a healthy population. At least in the North American servers, the starting zone is populated. The game is from Brazil, so a lot of the activity seems to be in the Portuguese channels, but with time, I am sure this will change.

It is unfair to critique the game with how little I have played it, so I will reserve my judgment for a later date. At the moment, I think the game is at least worth checking out since it is free. If you are looking for a new MMO that you can play almost anywhere, Kakele is worth looking into. You can download this game on Steam, the IOS Appstore, or the Google PlayStore. The game is a cross-play between all devices, and your saves will transfer too. 

Thank you to the devs for taking the time to talk to me about their game! I know I am small, but I appreciate your time, patience, and warm reception.