I am attending GDC this week, so my posting schedule will be a bit sporadic and more focused on gaming. I am very excited about the opportunity and will share everything I can. If you’d like to aid me on my adventure, please consider buying me a coffee
Pictures and Gifs are from the Press Kit

During GDC I was allowed to try out Liberte for PC. Liberte is a rogue-like isometric ARPG themed after the French Revolution, but this isn’t a historical game.

What sets this game apart from others in the genre is its deck-building mechanic. As you progress through the story, you find cards that will grant abilities, traits, and items. You can upgrade or swap out the cards to fit your playstyle. To play a card, you must sacrifice others to pay its cost. This creates this loop of constantly cycling through your cards to find a combination that best fits your playstyle. I was distracted by conversation and kept forgetting to build my deck. I wouldn’t advise trying to beat the game with just the basic attack.


The bit of combat I tried was a lot of fun. The dodge feels fantastic, and successfully avoiding attacks was very satisfying. I liked that unlocking new abilities changed the combat. The first ability I unlocked was a guitar bash that gave my character a nice acoustic guitar to carry on his back. I appreciate the attention to detail and love smashing my enemies with this ability. There were other fun flavor texts sprinkled throughout my playthrough that make me believe that a lot of love was put into this game.

I can’t speak on the story because I skipped through the cutscenes to get to the combat, but it seems interesting based on the summary on Steam. I did get to see a lot of the art for the cutscenes. I love the art and aesthetic of this game. One issue I had with this game is that some of the paths are a bit hard to see. I played an older build, and they might have fixed it for the release. It isn’t a terrible deal breaker, but it is something I noticed. If they didn’t, it isn’t a huge deal because there is a nice little guiding mechanic available if you ever get stuck. 

I liked what I was able to try out and will be trying to get a copy for a full review. If you like ARPGs, Liberte is at least worth looking into. You can buy it for early access on Steam now, or wait till its full release on April 6, 2023. At the moment, Liberte is only planned for PC.