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This year’s winner of the IGF award for Excellence in Audio was a delightful little puzzle adventure game, The Forest Quartet. Take control of a recently deceased singer, Nina, as she travels into the minds of her old bandmates, attempting to reignite their love for music as they grieve for their lost friend. Can you solve the puzzles that will help the band move through the stages of grief?

The Forest Quartet’s minimalistic style and music score create a soothing gaming experience, but one that leads to a powerful narrative. While I was only able to play the game for a bit, I was struck by its pleasing art and music. I love Jazz, so there might be some bias in my assessment. If you love jazz or are in the market for a new puzzle game, The Forest Quartet is worth looking intoI didn’t play it enough to be able to critique it, but I am at least interested to try it out. Hopefully, I can find the time. The Forest Quartet is available on Steam and PlayStation for $9.99. PlayStation has it on sale for $7.49 ($5.99 for gold members) until March 29, 2023.