GDC Recap: Project Timi: Sasha’s Curse

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Gif from the Steam page

During GDC I got to try one of the cutest little rhythm puzzlers I’ve ever played, Project Timi: Sasha’s Curse. Project Timi has you play as Timi as she uses her powers to go into dreams, searching for the evil corpo cat, Sasha. Use her powers to solve puzzles and bring Sasha to justice!

This game is super cute! Shoutout to the game’s artist for creating such an adorable character and world. The music is also nicely done and helps create the game’s whimsical tone. The gameplay is a ton of fun. It reminds me a bit of Captain Toad, but the rhythm mechanics make it a unique experience. This game starts easy but slowly increases in difficulty as you learn new mechanics and get closer to catching Sasha. I know the demo I tried wasn’t a finished product, but it felt incredibly polished and ready for consumption. Shoutout to the whole team for all the work and love they’ve already put into this game. 

I will be adding this game to the list of games I need to try because I am hooked. It is too early for a price tag, but you can and should Wishlist it on Steam. Project Timi: Sasha’s Curse will be released on the PC and the Nintendo Switch.

I want to thank the team for chatting with me and answering all my questions. Keep up the great work! Go follow them on Twitter.

Image taken from the Official Twitter


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