Betrayal at Club Low is a strange little indie game that took home this year’s Nuovo Award and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. This game is a surreal journey through a silly story that is sure to delight its players.

An old acquaintance goes missing in the town’s new nightclub. You must put your skills of deception to the test as you go undercover to bring him back. Do you have what it takes to sneak in without being noticed?

The game borrows from mechanics from tabletop RPGs that are well-implemented. Outcomes hinge on the luck of the dice, and your decisions matter. The game promises 11 different endings, securing its replay value. I only got to play this game a bit during GDC, and I liked the vibe it gave out. It was weird, silly, and it has a fantastic soundtrack.

If you like tabletop RPGs and want a unique experience, check out Betrayal at Club Low. I’ll be trying to get myself a copy to review, but you can buy it on Steam for $9.99.