Excellence in Narrative: Immorality

This year's winner for the IGF's Excellence in Narrative award went to Immorality, a fantastically done mystery about the cinema. Marissa Marcel was a prominent actress with great promises, but she disappeared after making three unreleased movies. With your ability, you must jump between these movies to piece together what happened to Marissa Marcel. Immorality is a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Direct 2/9/2023

I am a bit late to this coverage, but I thought I'd share it anyways. The Nintendo Direct just came out and there is a bit to unpack. It is looking to be a great year for the switch when it comes to not only retro gaming, but a few Nintendo classic titles like Pikmin... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: No Clue (2013)

Source No Clue is a fun and quirky parody of the detective noir genre. It is similar to the Naked Gun series but less suave and more dorky. The movie is about a dorky pen salesman who gets hired as a PI by a mysterious woman. Now he must use the little skills he has to solve a... Continue Reading →

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