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This year’s winner of the IGF’s award for Excellence in Design went to the quirky mystery game, The Case of the Golden Idol. Take the role of the detective as you gather clues, pick your suspects, determine motives, and solve the mystery of twelve gruesome murders. The game has a unique art style that grows on you the more you play. The music is soothing, and its unique gameplay can be relaxing if you like solving mysteries. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of freedom I was given to solve the mystery, but I can see myself obsessing over this title if I had more time to explore it at my own pace.

If you love mysteries, this is a great one to look into. You can get your copy on Steam or GOG for $17.99. I suggest you at least try the demo and keep an open mind. I didn’t get enough time with this title to decide if I like it, but I will be adding The Case of the Golden Idol to the list of games I need to try. I will let you know how it goes if I can ever find the time. 

*Image from the presskit