Excellence in Narrative: Immorality

This year’s winner for the IGF’s Excellence in Narrative award went to Immoralitya fantastically done mystery about the cinema. Marissa Marcel was a prominent actress with great promises, but she disappeared after making three unreleased movies. With your ability, you must jump between these movies to piece together what happened to Marissa Marcel.

Immorality is a beautiful mystery as you get to jump between scenes filmed with real actors. It is a very creative way to tell a story and one with many choices to make. I have always missed this genre of gaming, but I was fortunate to try this for a few minutes. My experience left me wanting more because everything was well done. I love the grainy feel of the footage you sift through, the acting is fantastic, and the concept is so good. I will be trying to get myself a copy of this for review, but till then, you should at least Wishlist this. 

You can buy Immorality on Steam, Xbox, and GOG for $19.99. The game is currently on sale at GOG for $14.99 or free on Game Pass if you have a subscription.


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