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I enjoy a good visual novel every now and again. I love to see the unique ways they approach narrative and enjoy the change of pace they allow. The first game I was ever sent to review was a Visual Novel, and I always look back on it fondly. Since then, I keep an eye on what is happening in the genre for my collection. When I saw the announcement for Death Trick: Double Blind

, I knew I needed to play it. The art is beautiful, and I am always in the market for a good mystery.

 A great magician has been murdered, and it is up to players to piece together clues to solve his murder before the circus leaves town. The game allows players to switch between two playable characters: the detective investigating the case and the magician’s replacement. Players can explore the circus grounds, interview suspects, and collect clues. Can you piece it all together before time runs out?

I love the aesthetic of this game. The colors, character design, and the world make something I want to explore. The developers promise a mystery that won’t soft lock if you solve the mystery early and a different interaction every time you talk to an NPC. If you enjoy the genre and need a new game to add to your collection, check out Death Trick: Double Blind today!

Death Trick: Double Blind releases on Steam later this year, but you can Wishlist the game and sign up for the playtest today. Don’t forget to follow the Noen Doctorine on their socials for all the news: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Discord!