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Nocturnal is a beautiful-looking metroidvania-type game that definitely has gotten my attention. I don’t normally play games in this genre, but when I saw the gameplay, I had to reach out and get myself a copy to review. It has a simple yet beautiful art style that I enjoy and an interesting fire and shadow mechanic that promises to make this a unique experience.


Ardeshir has returned to his home Island Nahran, only to find it afflicted by a mysterious shadowy mist. Use fire he can wield to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and light your way through the darkness. Can you find the cause and heal your home of this strange affliction?

This game seems perfect for those who enjoy the genre. It has a permadeath mode for those who need the extra challenge, and some nifty speed run features like faster transitions, skippable cutscenes, and a pausable timer if that’s more your speed. For everyone else, the gameplay just looks fun.

You can get Nocturnal on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and Steam. The game is $19.99 for consoles, and $16.99 for PC. The game doesn’t seem to have been launched on PS5 in NA yet, but I’ve added the European link just in case. There is a 10% discount for the Switch and Steam version if you buy them before June 14th. I’ve already gotten my review copy and will be posting my review sometime next week. Until then, thank you for reading!