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I just watched Luther: The Fallen Sun and thought it was fine. I haven’t watched the series that comes before this movie, so I won’t be able to compare the quality. As a standalone movie, it works well enough. I might have missed a few references here and there, but I never felt lost by the plot. I’d be curious to know what fans of the series think of the movie.

John Luther is a disgraced detective who has been locked away for his use of unethical practices for catching criminals. While in prison, a serial killer terrorizes London. But no prison can hold Luther. Luther escapes, and now the race is on to catch the killer before he causes too much damage. Can Luther decipher the few clues left behind before it is too late?

As far as detective thrillers go, Luther: The Fallen Sun is fine. My biggest issue with this movie is the pacing. This movie gets slow in parts. It will sit on pretty scenery for longer than it needs to. While I appreciate how well-shot some of these scenes are, this movie didn’t need to be two hours long. As a result, it is missing some much-needed tension. There are moments in this movie that don’t have stakes. It doesn’t matter how quickly Luther solves the clues because he’s got more than enough time to do so.

The acting is fine, but the writing is a little awkward. Some of the dialogue feels sloppy, and some plot points don’t make sense. While there are fun parts of this movie, there are enough parts that aren’t that make this movie difficult to recommend. I am sure people who are fans of the series will have stronger opinions about this movie, but as someone who hasn’t watched it, I thought the movie was okay.

If you have nothing else to watch, it’s not the worst way to spend two hours. At the very least, Luther: The Fallen Sun has made me curious about the series. While I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch this film, you can stream it on Netflix. 

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