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I remember reading about Agent Elvis when it was announced, but I had completely forgotten about it. While the series isn’t the worst adult cartoon I have seen this year, it isn’t good either.

Elvis becomes a vigilante because he wants to fight against the injustices that plague America. His life changes when a secret organization recruits Elvis so that he can perform in an official capacity. But instead of living the cool spy life, he has always envisioned, Elvis begins to uncover dark secrets about his life that begin to shake his foundation.

This series certainly had its moments, but not enough to be worth the trouble. I would occasionally get a good laugh from a joke or gag, but everything between those moments was boring. The animation is fine, and the voice acting is solid, but the story is dull. This is a crude adult cartoon that feels like a lazy copy of Archer, but one that doesn’t have any of the charm. Even if you are an Elvis fan, your time is better spent watching his movies or listening to his records instead.

Agent Elvis isn’t as bad as Velma, but I don’t think it is good enough to recommend. It is a bland and uninspired show that makes alright background noise, but it isn’t anything you should be rushing to watch. You can watch it on Netflix if you are still interested, but your time is better spent elsewhere. 

*Feature image taken from the Netflix page