GDC Recap: Second Wave

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I had a blast trying out Second Wave at GDC this year. I want to give a shoutout to the two young ladies I faced off against in that accidental mirror match. We were evenly matched, and it helped me get the perfect first impression. Wherever you are, thank you!

Second Wave is a cute little anime 1st/3rd person shooter that pits two teams in arena-style combat reminiscent of Overwatch. The characters are unique with some fantastic art, the abilities are a lot of fun, and combat is fun. I only got to try the alpha build during my demo, but it was enough to make me curious.

I got to meet the COO and lead developer of the game, and they were passionate about their project. They were super friendly guys who took the time to answer all my questions, and I appreciate them for that. I also got some cute little figures to decorate my desk, which I put up immediately.

images taken from the official website

The Second Wave will release on PC, all major consoles, and mobile devices. While there will be cross-play between consoles, players on mobile devices will only be able to play against each other. This is to keep matchmaking fair, and I support the choice. Do not think that this is a cheap cash grab in a popular genre. Challengers Games has worked on other popular games such as TeraBlack Desert Online, and Elden Ring. They are also an official partner of Microsoft.

The demo was a solid experience, and I can only imagine how much fun a full release with more players will be. The combat was fast and fluid, and I loved the art. I will be keeping a close eye on this project so I can join the beta as soon as it is available. If you are in the market for a game to supplement or replace your Overwatch grind, keep an eye out for Second Wind. Challengers Games are active across all their socials; make sure you follow them to keep up to date on the news. You can follow them on Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


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