Series Review: Swarm (2023)

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Amazon’s Swarm is a creepy and strange series that you should be making time for. The series has an amazing cast that gives terrifying performances, a solid story, and beautiful cinematography. At the very least, add this series to your watch list. 

After Marissa’s suicide, Dre finds it impossible to adjust to a life without her sister. Dre’s only comfort now is listening to her favorite RnB singer, Ni’Jah. But Dre’s love for Ni’Jah is dangerously obsessive, and this obsession makes Dre violent. The series will deal with the extent of Dre’s toxic fandom as she turns against anyone who offends Ni’Jah. Swarm is violent and full of sex, drugs, and nudity. Viewer discursion is advised.

I will keep my review vague because I don’t want to spoil the experience. This incredibly creepy and captivating series never ceased to amaze me. It is a bit slow and artsy, but it works. The storytelling in this series is amazing. The foreshadowing, symbolism, and fashion all work together to elevate the effectiveness of its narrative. I loved the attention to detail as I picked up on the subtle clues. I even went back to pick them up the ones I missed. Swarm has a well-crafted mystery if you are paying attention. I will be rewatching it to see how much of them I have missed.

This series would be nothing without its lead, Dominique Fishback. Fishback as Dre is the best thing about this series. The way she plays Dre remains unrivaled in the genre. You need to watch this series just to appreciate her performance. The rest of the cast is just as great and plays off of Fishback’s terrifying energy beautifully.

This series does a fantastic job of dealing with obsession and addiction. The way Dre and other characters let their lives be controlled by their obsessions is what makes this series truly terrifying. It is a reality that does exist for people, and this series does a great job depicting the nightmare.

If you haven’t seen this series, at the very least add it to your watch list. It is creepy, beautiful, and has a great story. You can stream Swarm on Amazon if you have a subscription. 

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