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I almost gave up on Uncle From Another World because I didn’t like the pacing or the format. I am glad I didn’t because this series is delightful. If you are a fan of Isekai anime or know of them, you should check out this series.

Takafumi’s life changes when his uncle wakes up from a 19-year coma. At first, Takafumi believes the time in the coma has made his uncle insane because he speaks in gibberish and talks about being in another world. But there is some truth to this madness. While Uncle’s body lay in a coma all those years, he also existed in another world where he learned magic and became a powerful adventurer. Uncle was even able to bring his magic to this world. As Uncle regales Takafumi about his adventures in the other world, the two become closer.

Uncle From Another World is framed narrative that pokes fun at the isekai genre. This is a series that won’t take itself seriously, but it is competent enough to effectively balance its humor and narrative. While I do appreciate the effective use of parodythis series manages a decent story. It is a bit of a slow start as it sets up the world and lore, but it eventually settles into something worth your time. Uncle can also be a bit grating character at first, but he becomes lovable with time.

What I liked most about this series is that Uncle isn’t the typical protagonist for this genre. He isn’t a brooding, edgy genius whose knowledge of gaming makes him a god in this new world. Uncle is dorky, ugly, and isn’t even a good gamer. Despite Uncle’s obsession with old-school gaming, he is shown multiple times not being good at the games or even accurate with his knowledge. What makes Uncle such a memorable character are his flaws. Uncle is a powerful character, but he gets a lot wrong. He is clueless about what is going on. A lot of the humor in this series comes from his lack of awareness. Uncle is a refreshing take on the hero that is worth the time to at least experience. 

Uncle From Another World is filled with anime tropes that don’t quite fit because of how dorky Uncle is. They will even point out the discrepancies between Uncle and a traditional anime protagonist in dialogue. Instead of watching Uncle’s adventure in real time, he is reflecting on it as other characters are there to comment on his experience. It was a strange format at first, but I grew to enjoy it for its novelty. 

I enjoyed this anime, but I understand that it isn’t for everyone. The framed narrative might not vibe with some viewers because Uncle can be annoying. I would argue that the point is for him to be difficult to like at the beginning of the series, but he grows more likable as you learn more about his past. That said, I understand if you can’t ever get there. I would also say that some exposure to the isekai genre is necessary because a lot of the charm of this series comes from parody. Uncle From Another World is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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