If you like action-adventure games, you might want to look into the upcoming title, Strayed Lights. This game looks beautiful, and the bit of music I’ve heard is amazing! You play as this being of light and dark as you travel over this dreamlike world on a quest to become awakened. But the path is full of angry monsters. Use your powers to soothe the beasts and free them of their inner demons.

This game looks so pretty and promises a new form of combat that I am interested in trying. The soundtrack is composed by Grammy-winning Austin Wintory, so it might be at least worth the listen. I’ll be getting my review copy soon, and I can’t wait to hop on in.

Strayed Lights is releasing on April 25th for $24.99 on the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam, Epic Games, and GoG. If you preorder from the official website, you will get a cool digital art book and a copy of the soundtrack. There is also a demo you can try on Steam.

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Images taken from the press kit