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I got to play Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine before it was announced to the public, and I wasn’t ready. Up to that point, I had sat through some beautiful and relaxing titles that had me feeling peaceful. But this peace was short-lived and destroyed by one of the most insane match-four games I have ever played.

Dr. Fetus wants to make the perfect Meat Boy clone but needs your help. Match the clones as they fall through the machine, but avoid the deadly traps that make this task nearly impossible. How far can you make it before you throw the controller at the wall?

As is tradition with Super Meat Boy, this game is unforgivingly difficult. It will give you a false sense of security as it starts you with a cute and relaxing match-four experience. It then slowly introduces manageable traps to ease you into an experience that you will never be ready for. Before you know it, you are avoiding missiles, dodging saws, and other deadly obstacles while still trying to match those tiles. It is colorful mayhem that will frustrate most players, but it is a gameplay loop that will keep you coming back.

The art for this game is deceptively cute. The clones are adorable but don’t get too attached. They will all die the most gruesome deaths, leaving behind their viscera to decorate the machine. At first, I liked that the blood didn’t disappear after the reset, but it slowly became a shameful reminder of my failure as it came more often. I got incredibly lucky to get as far as I did with the devs next to me, laughing at my struggle. By the end of the session, my heart was beating so fast that Siri asked me if I needed an ambulance. It was such an intense way to end a session, but one I’d definitely do again. I’ll be working on getting myself a review copy. 

If you like Supper Meat Boy or the matching tile genre, you should look into this game. It is a game that will leave you incredibly frustrated, but that frustration is part of the fun. Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine will release on the Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC through GoG, Epic Games, and Steam. The price hasn’t been announced, but Nintendo has it at $9.99. There is no release date yet, but there is a demo available on Steam. Don’t forget to wishlist!

Pictures were taken from the press kit, gif was from the steam page. I don’t own any of them.